Monday, March 30, 2009

How Hybrid Car Work

Hybrid gas-electric cars really aren't that complicated. Add an electric motor and rechargeable batteries to the conventional gas engine—and see your efficiency increase by as much as 50 percent. The on board computer does all the hard work of switching between gas and electric power.

How Hybrids Work

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Hybrid Engine


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Selfishness: the Causes of Environmental Degradation and Natural


What is the relationship with environmental selfishness? There! selfishness and passivity are the causes of the occurrence of any environmental problems that we experienced this day.
Many of us only have time without the comfort of the impact that will occur in the environment around us and the global environment as a whole. Have felt only because of money, we do not heed warnings and Call to make energy savings.
"Ah, whatever I can afford the electricity bill is. So it's up to me to get the electricity at my heart. I afford to buy fuel whatever I want, so it's up to me I want to buy a car that is as extravagant. "
try to think: How much energy and resources that must be useless just because people want to enjoy the convenience that actually does not really need them. How much energy and resources are useless just because they want to appear prestigious.
People often buy things they do not need, change the items that should still be used only for the reasons bored. We never think how much energy and resources of this planet that is damaged to meet the needs we are selfish.
remember one thing: Money can buy you are 10 or 100 liters of fuel, but the money can not restore every liter of fuel that has been taken from the natural need millions of years to produce the fuel that you enjoy it.
Do not think comfort of your own life. At least, think the next generation to you, they have to do with his life all the resources are very limited because the behavior of parents, grandmother, grandfather in the past.
Then you will think, but we do not have alternative energy such as bio-fuel, hydrogen, and others? Still all is not free, there is always a need to sacrifice. Bio fuel cause environmental damage because of the fuel plants require land that is not small. Hydrogen is still expensive and not yet can be produced efficiently. What if our planet is destroyed first before we can enjoy all the comfort of these technologies?
So many people in other parts of the world requires a highly fuel drops each of us enjoy, each drops of water that we enjoy, and things other basis to support their lives. let sparingly in all forms of energy that you can. Do it for the world, the next generation to do it for you.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Image description :
Position 1: Position the car park leads to the constraint.
Position 2: Position of car parking distance constraint.
Function: When emergency occurs, the car in position NO.2 faster in the evacuation



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